Who Says Glitter has to be Reserved for New Year's Eve?

Adding sparkle to your makeup can be a make it or break it fashion statement that can either make you look like a supermodel from the New York Fashion week runway show or the hardcore Disney fan you used to be in middle-school. Glitter should not be exclusively reserved for holidays or Bratz dolls. That is why we are here to share with you some tips on how to add glitter to your daily routine and still look like a polished adult.

The hard truth about glitter is that while it’s fun and chic, it famously gets EVERYWHERE and it is hard to remove from your face, hair, clothes, and your house. So we came up with the Glitteratti Collection, our temporary lip tattoo & eyes line that offers a clean sparkling look. Add some sparkles to your eyes and try our Glitteratti Violent Lips and Eyes so that you can shine and achieve a sharp, vivid, and long-lasting look instead of applying many layers of shimmery eye-shadow or lipstick that will inevitably quickly fade.

Glitter is totally in vogue this season, and while the trend tends to come and go, even a subtle amount of glow will turn heads any day of the year. The secret to get your face lit and to look like a professional makeup artist is to use glitter modestly without making or looking like a mess.

One pro-tip we’d like to share with our insider followers is that when you’re using Violent Lips Glitteratti temporary eye and lip tattoos, do not use both appliqués at the same time as you can see from both models in the pictures. This way you’ll catch people’s eyes for the right reasons, because you’re HOT, and not because you look like a kid who spilled glitter all over (not an ideal look).


Rhita Benmakhlouf

The Violent Lips Team

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