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InstaPlumper - A Lip Plumping Treatment Like No Other

InstaPlumper - A Lip Plumping Treatment Like No Other

We created InstaPlumper because we simply felt like there were not enough lip enhancing alternatives in the beauty industry.

Lip injections are painful and expensive; Lip enhancing lip glosses are sticky, short lasting, and contain a bunch of chemical based ingredients; Those lip suction cups just seem flat out sketchy;

InstaPlumper, however, comprises of natural ingredients (cinnamon oil, capsicum oil, sunflower oil, peppermint, black pepper oil, and coffee bean oil), is affordableeasy-to-applyand long-lasting. So, how does InstaPlumper work?

The application method mimics that of a temporary lip tattoo. The transparent application is simply applied using a cotton ball and water- the same way someone would apply a temporary tattoo to the...