My Day at the Young Women's Conference

        This past Saturday, I was invited to speak at It’s Our Turn -- Young Women’s Conference. Over 800 young women were in attendance from all around California to listen to empowering and inspirational stories from an impressive list of female leaders.

Violent Lips fit perfectly into the day’s theme of finding your voice and individuality. I was a part of a Young Entrepreneurs panel, which included fellow teen entrepreneurs Emily and Julianne of Emi-Jay Hair Ties. Meeting other young entrepreneurs that day made me realize how proud I am to have come so far in such a short period of time.

I met so many icons that day, from Maria Shriver to Lady Gaga. Maria Shriver was the main speaker. As I spoke with Maria she explained to me how “cool and unique” she thought Violent Lips were! I felt so honored to have met such an inspirational woman.

Maria’s daughter, Katherine, surprised me with her Union Jack lips as I walked off stage. LOL!


Mary J Blige spoke about her role as a woman in society and having to stand up for herself in a male dominant industry. She is a true role model.

Mary J. Blige speaking at Young Women's Conference 

Lady Gaga was the surprise guest at the conference. She spoke about her bullying issues as a teenager. I met Gaga backstage after her interview. It was so exciting!!

This conference was a huge inspiration to me because I got to meet so many powerful women. Hearing their stories has truly motivated me to work harder and make sure that Violent Lips helps women all over the world express themselves. It’s only the beginning for me!! It’s Our Turn!!!!!!! 

    -- Isabella Haddad Co-Founder of Violent Lips
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