Make every sidewalk your runway...Why not?

Last weekend I had a girl’s night out in Dallas, I wanted to standout so I wore The Silver Glitteratti Lips. My girls think the color is crazyyyyy, which is why I love it!  While I was in the bathroom a girl came up to me and said, 

“Since when did going to the bar become a runway show?”

 As you can imagine a million different responses came to my mind for her snooty remark, but all I did was turn to her, smile and say, “The second I stepped through the door.”

I couldn’t help but think, why not turn every outing, bar, sidewalk, whatever, into our very own runway if it makes us feel beautiful and special?

Here’s what I call my Silver Runway Look (courtesy of my iPhone):


..and here are the products I used to get it:

  1. I wore Make Up For Ever Glitter in the color Silver 2 and it matched the silver glitterati lips perfectly!
  2. I used Too Faced glitter glue as a base to hold the glitter in place and it worked like a charm!
  3. I was going for a sexy, dramatic look so I lined my upper eyelid with Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner in the color Perversion (for some reason I love that color’s name).
  4. I shaded the outer edges of my eyes with MAC eye shadow in the color Carbon.
  5. I used EOS smooth sphere lip balm to give my lips a light sheen. I’m a big fan of the summer fruit flavor.
Did I meet my future Prince Charming that night? No, but I did catch the eyes of a lot of frogs and had a great night out with my girls!

So what are your favorite eye looks when you rock Violent Lips' The Silver Glitteratti?

About Violent Lips’ new blogger:
Karin Thomas, a 24 year-old Indiana University graduate with a BA in Telecommunications, was born and raised in Indiana, recently re-located to Texas and is longing to move to California.  A single, gal with a passion for makeup and fashion who is obsessed with any and everything that will make her feel beautiful!

When she’s not reading magazines and scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest beauty products and fashion trends, she’s at the nearest beauty counter playing with new looks.
Follow her on twitter: @KarinAshley25

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