All Things Glitteratti!

Everyone loves a touch of Glittery glam, but no one likes when that sparkle ends up on everything you own. After seasons of glittery nails and lids, Violent Lips puts the trend front and center on your lips with Glitteratti, the latest collection of temporary lip appliqués. Available in six statement making shades— Red, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue & Crimson ---each Glitteratti temporary lip tattoo offers sparkles that stay on your lips and out of your mouth, with a smooth feel and glossy finish, kiss after kiss.

We get this question 100 times a day.... When will the Glitteratti Collection be available?

Today, Violent Lips officially announced the Glitteratti Collection's release date! Starting September 1st, you can find The Glitteratti Collection on our site and Exclusively at SEPHORA retail locations in the U.S. and Canada! International Store Locations will be announced soon.

Check out our Stunning Glitteratti Photos:

Get the flash player here:

To get you prepared for the launch, we created a new How To Video for you to study. Isabella and Vanessa are back to teach you how to apply The Glitteratti Collection. The directions are slightly different between applying the Glitteratti Collection, and the existing line of Violent Lips Appliqués so pay attention! Biggest Change is that you must measure and apply the lips with your mouth open to a relaxed “Oh” shape instead of the usual "Ahh". 

How excited are we???

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