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  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you won't want to miss

    Well, it's that time of year again. Enjoy our CRAZY Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals while they last. 

    BLACK FRIDAY (until 11/27/16 @ 5:59 PM)

    • 50% off everything 
    • spend $25 or more and receive a SURPRISE gift & FREE shipping
    • use code: BLCK50

    CYBER MONDAY (begins 11/27/16 @ 6 PM)

    • 65% off everything
    • FREE shipping + SURPRISE gift with every purchase
    • use code: CYBR65

    Happy shopping to all of you beauties!


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  • Violent Lips Approved Products

    Want to add gloss or lip balm to your Violent Lips?  Here are the products tested and proven to work best with Violent Lips.

    1. Maybeline's Quenched Baby Lips Lip Balm
    2. Blistex Silk & Shine Balm
    3. EOS Smooth Sphere
    4. Covergirl Westlicks Gloss in Clear Radiance
    5. Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss in Clear 
    Make sure you always wait 5 minutes for your Violent Lips to dry before you apply anything over them. You should apply balms and glosses using your fingers so that you're aware of how much product and pressure your applying to your lips. Other products may also work as long as they are not too oily. 

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  • Introducing: Minis by Violent Lips

    We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product, Minis by Violent Lips- the first ever all purpose temporary tattoo. Made for the lips, face, nails, and body, Minis are a perfect way to make a lil yet memorable statement. We hope you enjoy!


    Isabella & Sophia

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  • The Glitteratti Collection

    Violent Lips, the company that brought you instant lip art, has taken the trend up a notch adding texture and print to your lips with one simple application.  Offering the best of both worlds, The Glitteratti Collection.

    This innovative line of temporary lip appliqués will keep the glitter on your lips and out of your mouth with its smooth feel and glossy finish. The vitamin enhanced, FDA approved appliqués last 4 to 8 hours and are easy to apply to lips of all sizes.

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